Smart Home & Family Protection
Smart Home & Family Protection
HKC Quantum Control Panel

Why Paxton?

Choosing an access control system is an important financial decision for most companies. The cost is of course important, but the system also needs to match your requirements and be completely reliable.

Paxton Access specialise in access control solutions.
Our development team are focused on designing systems that are fit for their purpose, containing the important features that are necessary for well-run organisations. Our commitment has resulted in our products winning a reputation for reliability and ease of use.

Key benefits of Paxton systems

  • Reliable, high quality systems with a 5-year guarantee
  • Systems that are incredibly easy to use
  • Systems that are designed to grow with your needs
  • Install Net2 Software on as many workstations as required
  • Free software upgrades

Allowing Complete Control
with Paxton

Implementing an access control system can feel like a big change in company practice.

The access control should give the benefit of additional security without requiring time-consuming administration.

Paxton Access systems are intuitive and straightforward to administer.

The increased security is a benefit to all, rather than a benefit for some and a headachefor those who have to administer it.

Key Benefits:

  • Aesthetically pleasing and easy to use
  • Keypad Audio - Voice notification of each zone i.e. 'Alarm Kitchen Side Door'
  • Keypad Audio - Voice notification of system faults such as mains and telephone failures
  • Full range of intruder and life safety devices
  • Friends and Family - Text message and speech dialler on-board
  • Police responce - Digital communicator on-board
  • User Alerts - Receive alerts from users at home and at work
  • Complete wireless solution - No wires, no mess Key Benefits
  • Systems can be part set e.g. perimeter while at home
  • Life protection devices
  • Smoke, heat and carbon monoxide detectors
  • All detectors have on-board sirens
  • One activates all - Detectors are linked together via RF

Secure Unset: Extra security with RF Fobs by using pin code, in case dropped, stolen or accidentally pushed.
Personal protection - Duress Button on Key Fob - Home Automation.

Control the Security System and Outputs via GSM unit (Outputs only available on SW 1070 & SW 20140).

Key Benefits
Fingerprint Recognition

Fingerprint Recognition: This range has stemmed from extensive research and many years of experience from a team of professionals who have been at the sharp end of biometric deployment, installation and integration

This wealth of knowledge has been utilised to produce a range of biometric fingerprint readers, designed for ease of installation, use and understanding.

Vital feedback has been obtained from key industry installers and end users to ensure ievo readers work accurately, with a strong emphasis on efficiency and reliability.

ievo's flagship product. The ultimate has an IP65 rating making it ideal for external and internal use and remains operational in a variety of harsh environments.

With vandal resistance, anti-temper protocols and optional spoof detection and provides secure access control.

Ievo Micro

Ievo Micro. Internal only solution, the micro was introduced as an alternative biometric solution for access control systems that did not demand the full range of benefits that the ievo ultimate offers.

An advanced optical sensor means the reader can provide a high level of accuracy and reliability of user identification.

Custom Kit

Custom Kit. We understand that not every business, or every industry has the same biometric requirements and there are times when having customisable options are vital.

With this in mind ievo have created a custom range tool kit.

Desktop Reader

Desktop Reader. The ievo desktop reader is a fast and accurate registration unit providing a simple way of managing the fingerprint registration process.

Designed as a supporting component to work in parallel with ievo ultimate and/or ievo micro devices.