CCTV Systems
CCTV Systems

CCTV Systems.
People can see they are being watched

Absolut CCTV Systems will help you keep an eye on your home or business.

When people realise you have CCTV it will act as a deterrent.

Domestic and Commercial CCTV Systems

Domestic and Commercial CCTV Systems

We provide CCTV systems suitable for all types of premises or location - private homes, shops, offices, public buildings, schools, sports grounds and open spaces.

CCTV is an essential tool for monitoring buildings, stock, staff and other personnel. You can be alerted instantly about potential trouble, and recorded events can provide valuable evidence. CCTV Peterborough, Market Deeping, Spalding, Huntingdon, Cambridge and South Lincolnshire. (Cameras are 4k high definition up to 1080p)

CCTV for Home or Business

Fixed and movable cameras

CCTV towers

Vandal resistant solutions

Digitally recorded images

Remote monitoring with police response

CCTV Service Maintenance & Monitoring

CCTV Service Maintenance & Monitoring

We supply, service and maintain a range of CCTV systems suitable for commercial, domestic and public sector needs, including wireless, digital and IP CCTV.

CCTV solutions can be integrated with intruder systems, fire detection systems, retail security systems and staff monitoring systems.

CCTV Service Maintenance & Monitoring

24-hour CCTV monitoring is available for fast responce to an incident and to reduce the overhead costs of having on-site security.

Also images can be viewed via broadband, wireless LAN and the enabled mobile phone networks.

DVR controllers for your CCTV