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Absolut Security Solutions will provide you with a very competitive quote for all your security needs, whether you have concerns about your business premises or your private residence.

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24-hour CCTV monitoring is available for fast response to an incident and to reduce the overhead costs of having on-site security.

Also images can be viewed via broadband, wireless LAN and the enabled mobile phone networks.

  • 24-hour monitored systems
  • Residential and commercial premises
  • Fixed and movable cameras
  • Easy-to-use Systems
  • Vandal Resistant solutions

We have all the latest security technology available for a price to suit any budget, including the self install systems that anyone can manage.

Why not visit our online shop and choose your individual components to secure your home or business today. You can start with a basic system consisting of the Quantum control panel, the RF - Pir and a HKC Door contact.

Secure Unset:
Extra security with RF Fobs by using pin code, in case dropped, stolen or accidentally pushed.

  • Personal protection
  • Duress Button on Key Fob
  • Home Automation

Control the security system and outputs via GSM unit (outputs only available on SW 1070 & SW 20140)

CCTV Systems Intruder Alarms Access Control & Finger Print Security