Fire detection systems protect your business, saves lives and meets your legal fire safety responsibilities as a business owner.

Approximately 80% of businesses who suffer a fire devastation, never reopen for business. We design, install and commission Fire Alarm Systems to ensure a reliable and early detection of any fire. Our engineers are regularly trained and fully qualified.

Fire Alarm Systems have the ability to detect carbon monoxide, smoke and heat. Adding Monitoring Services to any Fire Alarm System allows our Central Station to get in touch with you, any nominated person, our Key Holding & Alarm Response team or event the emergency services.

Fire Alarm systems

Installing a fire alarm system in your business

The aim of a fire alarm and detection system is to inform people that there smoke, fire, carbon monoxide or other emergencies are present. This can be done visually and through audio. If an emergency should break out in a premises, it’s highly likely to spread quickly, putting you, staff and the buildings at risk.

Fire could burn through a business premise within minutes. Thick smoke could block escape routes and we all know that carbon monoxide is deadly! Having a system to protect and give a pre-warning could give those extra seconds to react.

Before installing a fire alarm system, a fire risk assessment will determine how simple or complex the system is required to be. A simple system could be made up of manual call points with a bell. A more comprehensive system could be fully automated with various types of detectors and call points. We will explain and describe your needs and requirements so it’s easy to understand.

Keeping your system maintained and serviced

Although it may sound like a chore or something that you just can’t fit within your business’ busy schedule but testing your fire alarm system is so important.

We highly recommend that a competent person test your fire alarm system weekly, with a full service every 6 months, which will ensure you comply with the UK Fire Alarm Regulations, including BS 5839.

The Absolut engineers are fully competent, fully qualified and are more than happy to test all aspects of you fire alarm system, whether it’s your regular fire alarm call point tests or your full 6 monthly services, ensuring that you’re compliant at all times.

How we can help when it comes to prevention and protecting against, fire, smoke and carbon monoxide

We can do as much or as little as you want us to, whether it’s maintaining an existing system, installing a brand new fire alarm or even just ensuring that you’re compliant with all regulations and legislation. Your fire alarm should be seen as a life-saver, rather than a money waster and time consumer.

Keep yourself, your staff and your business safe, as well as avoiding fines and prison sentences should anything go wrong.

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