The Rapid Response CCTV tower is the Absolut eye-in-the-sky security solution for the remote, temporary or hard to reach sites.

With the flexibility of siting the tower, the fast setup and deployment, you’re security can be available before you know it and protecting your site from vandals, thieves and other potential crime.

Typical sites that the CCTV tower can be used are construction and industrial sites, crime hotspot areas, large storage areas, railway sidings, military bases or even events, public demonstrations, festivals and concerts.

With the CCTV system installed on the tower, you have 360 degree vision with a range of 150m, infra-red capability and 23x optical zoom. Not only can you view the footage live from your mobile, PC or tablet but we also monitor your site 24 hours a day from our central station, making you or any other nominated key holders aware of any problems that may arise. We even have the ability to set remote audio or pre-determined messages with the external loudspeaker too.

The tower is self-contained when it comes to power with a integrated battery and generator system, providing power to the surveillance system for up to 30 days. The team will install and re-install if necessary, remove the towbar and wheels, making your security stress-free.

With all of this in mind, the CCTV tower is more efficient and cost effective compared with man guarding security, gives the option of security in hard to reach areas, insurance approved and is a perfect solution to act as a deterrent.


  • No power or infrastructure required
  • Self-contained
  • Remotely monitored 24hrs a day
  • 360 degree view
  • Infra-red capability
  • Perfect for any type of site
  • More cost effective than other security options