Making a living is hard, especially when equipment needed to help get the job done is stolen. It's time to secure your remote site.

Absolut Security hear of construction and civil engineering sites being targeted regularly, with them being easy to locate, easily accessible and high value equipment and machinery readily available.

We’ve got a solution to keeping eyes on your site 24 hours of the day. No matter how remote the site may be, we have specialist equipment that provides site security.

We have options available which doesn’t require 240V mains or cabling of any sort. It gives on site detection and takes video footage when the system has been activated. If the system is activated central station is alerted, where they can then view the video footage, eliminate false alarms and inform you and any key holders of any activity on your site.

The remote site security is fully installed and re-installed if necessary by our engineers and available to hire for a low monthly cost. The systems act as a deterrent but give you confidence that you’re going back to the site as you left it.


  • 24hr site security and surveillance
  • Manage security systems from you mobile phone
  • Huge reduction on costs compared to other security options
  • More effective than man-guarding security
  • Keeps equipment and machinery secure
  • Acts as a deterrent
  • Monitoring and key-holding options available