What Should You Do If You’ve Been Burgled?

Being burgled isn’t just devastating because your belongings have been stolen, it’s also very inconvenient and distressing when it comes to having to deal with the aftermath. We’ve put together a few steps together to ensure you’ve done everything necessary following your property being broken in to:

  1. Call the Police immediately – You may do this without even thinking but would you know which number to call? The Police recommend you call 101 to report the burglary OR 999 if you think the burglar is still in your property. In this instance, use your mobile or nip to your neighbour’s and use their phone.
  2. Don’t touch or disturb anything – You may want to start putting your property back to how it should be but the Police will want to evaluate the scene and take forensic evidence where possible. A Crime Scene Investigator will look for fingerprints and other signs of the offender so try not to move or touch anything before they have been.
  3. Contact your bank and credit card company – Cancel all cards immediately. If you do this straight away, there is a chance you could get your money back should the burglar have used them.
  4. Change your locks and repair any damaged doors or windows – A huge percentage of burglars enter through your front door. Check whether any door, window or even garage door keys have gone missing; it may be that the burglars come back for a second helping and finish what they had started!
  5. Make a thorough list of any items stolen or damaged – The Police will need this list to try to recover your items. It may help to walk through each room and systematically think of what was in that room. The more detail and description of each item, the better your chances of their safe return.Try and find any receipts for any serial or model numbers to possibly prompt your memory.
  6. Get in touch with your insurance company – Your insurers will ask lots of questions about the incident, as well as require the list of stolen items. They will also want your crime or reference number that you were given by the Police so make sure you have this to hand.
  7. Take photos – Take photos of everything you think may be necessary and work as evidence should the Police need any.

Get in touch today and increase your security before you get to the stage of having to go through the above steps. Having visible security around your property acts as a deterrent to criminals, greatly reducing your risk of being targeted in the first place!

Net2 Entry Systems

Net2 Entry Systems

Here at Absolut Security we are now installing Networked Paxton Net2 Entry Systems. Access Control includes Video Entry Systems, Proximity Cards all in one unit.

This is one we installed recently into an Academy.

We have a few Academies in Peterborough and Cambridge area that are using this system now.

If you would like more information on this product just contact us.

We Got Gold

We are so excited to announce that we are now GOLD Installers and Providers for Paxton. Of course this could have never happened if it wasent for our great customers  – So Thank You.

Access Control is not just for large companies, a majority of our customers are Primary and Secondary Schools, Colleges, Business Units small – large, Public Houses, Shops large and small and even for the Domestic use.

Access Control offers a secure, convenient and cost effective way of who has access to your building.

Net2 Entry has won Access Control Product of the year at the Psi Premier Awards.

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