Restricting access to your property is always going to add that extra security as well as piece of mind for you while you’re away or out and about.

Controlling the access around your property perimeter gives an extra layer security, giving an intruder another barrier to overcome before even having the chance to get close to your home.

Whether you have gates to access your driveway or just an average garden gate that leads to your back garden, we can add a control system which you decide who has access to and from, keeping the children free from wandering and your pet dog getting out or even stolen.

Access Control - Absolut

Absolut provide Access Control systems for all types of property, from stately homes, bungalows, semi-detached properties and flats. Access Control systems can be integrated to work alongside your Burglar AlarmCCTV and Fire Alarm systems, providing a complete solution.

Paxton provides the latest technology allowing us to install the best systems available on the market. Options include wireless door handles, door entry and video management.

How does Access Control work?

Once a system is installed, any access point being controlled will automatically lock when they are closed. Anyone without a PIN or access token are unable to enter. Doors can be set to unlock during a designated time frame. Access may be restricted by time, allowing access to some users at certain times of day or night.