We’re Absolut Security Solutions Ltd and we have a passion for not only keeping you safe but giving you the peace of mind that your property and possessions are safe, whether it be personal or business.

We understand that keeping hold of your prized possessions and your business assets free from being stolen or damaged is at the forefront of everyone’s minds, but the potential costs associated with it and what you believe as being minimal chance of it actually happening to you can really put people off making an investment.

We want to change that view but also offer the highest quality of products and our services for less. Absolut Security came to life back in 2009, where Damien, Pete and Morgan made the decision to form a new security company. With the background and experience within the industry, spanning over 80 years collectively, a gap was found in the market which was pursued. Unfortunately, changes have been caused by health matters beyond anyone’s control. The company is now taking huge leaps to develop it’s brand, identity and also the offerings available in the loving memory of Morgan. Services and systems available to explore with us include intruder alarms, CCTV, fire alarms and even access control systems. We’re open to ideas and we make certain that with our exceptional customer service, each and every customer has an adaptable and flexible solution available to them. We have an outstanding reputation, with not only home-owners requiring that extra security but schools and businesses too. Our engineers are fully qualified to undertake any work, with no job too big or too small, delivering the highest quality of standards and operational excellence. Absolut Security Solutions is your go to company for the supplying, installing, maintenance and monitoring at competitive prices, allowing for the best safety and security 24 hours of the day.

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